Building a personal injury claim

Personal injury claims are susceptible to time limitations. In the UK you can make a state within 3 years of the accident. It’s advisable that you make the claim when possible to give your solicitor more time to build perfect case for you.

If a young child has suffered personal injury, they’ve 3 years from their 18th birthday to produce a claim. You can find exceptions to the above limits in rare cases, as an example some Marine and Aircraft Accidents, and Criminal Injuries Compensation have a 2 year limitation period and very occasionally, it’s possible to use to the Courts to bring a state not in the relevant period.


Also there are some very severe level cases when the individual misjudged not to have capacity and in those cases the limitation period won’t apply at all, in a way that the claim are available several years later.  The biggest thing is to find advice from the specialist Personal Injury solicitor when is possible rather than waiting and missing one of many key dates which may prevent one from claiming their fair compensation.

Level of Compensation

You can find 2 types of compensation which can be claimed for: General damages and Special damages.

General damages are in relation to medical evidence: normally a medical expert’s report on the injuries suffered must be obtained. The amount of compensation encompasses how a injuries affect at this point you and in the future.

Special damages are designed to place you back in the financial position you had been in as if the accident had never occurred. Any receipts and invoices must certanly be kept wherever possible to prove these losses.

Funding – No win, no fee

At Express Solicitors we are happy to deal with your claim through a conditional fee agreement, also referred to as a ‘no win, no fee’arrangement.

At Express Solicitors we won’t ask you for upfront costs.

In the event that you win your case

We charge a contribution towards our fees from your compensation before you get it. It’s essential that you talk with us concerning this further when contacting us as this may vary depending on your own case.

In the event that you lose your case

In the event that you lose your case we don’t charge for the task that people did on your own claim.

An insurance coverage is taken out in the beginning of one’s case to protect you from paying another side’s legal fees and also to pay other expenses, referred to as disbursements, such as for example medical experts’fees or court fees if these can’t be recovered from another side.

Why choose Express Solicitors to deal with your personal injury claim?

We’re an award winning firm accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). We specialise in Personal Injury and have very experienced specialist teams for any kind of accident you could have suffered.

Our experienced Solicitors will:

  • Deal as quickly as you are able to with your claim
  • Fight to find the best possible compensation for you
  • Keep you in the loop with regular updates
  • Explain each step clearly and be easily contactable and approachable
  • We’ve in place a 4 service promise

Step by step guide to a Personal Injury claims