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Andrew James 5.2L Food Mixer Reviews


The stand blender is an incredibly famous kitchen machine at present, just helped by projects like the Great British Bake Off.


The Incredible Value = Belt Driven Motor


This one is the Andrew James 5.2L Food Mixer – a spending blender evaluated at just £83.79. By correlation with some of its notable rivals it is for the most part not as much as 33% of the cost. Despite value, it has a heavy 1500 watt engine, and we’ve done some exploration and couldn’t locate an all the more capable engine in a family unit kitchen blender. However the engine isn’t straightforwardly determined, it’s belt driven. This implies power is lost through the erosion of the belt turning. A reasonable cost sparing strategy that any semblance of KitchenAid and Kenwood don’t take after and rather they utilize coordinate drive engines, which means all power is committed to blending.




The Andrew James 5.2L Mixer is accessible in four hues: silver, dark, exemplary cream and red, which our own is in. The blender’s tough plastic body is exceptionally adjusted and our polished red variation makes it look retro 50s, which we appreciate. Its speed dial and bowl are silver and are a differentiation to the fundamental outside body. This is unquestionably an extremely trendy kitchen machine. It’s minimal as well, and ought to fit cozily on kitchen work surfaces underneath the pantries.


Andrew James 5.2L Food Mixer Speed Dial and Lever.jpg


Bowl and Attachments

The huge high review stainless steel bowl (dishwasher safe) has a limit with respect to 5.2 liters of fluid and 2kg of blend, which is a strong limit and will suit families splendidly. The bowl locks into the blender to empower a protected fit when blending. Included with the blender are four blending connections; these are an aluminum batter snare, aluminum mixer, stainless steel swell whisk and a plastic mixer with silicone edges which can rub the sides and consolidate all the blend inside the bowl. Additionally packaged with the blender is an Andrew James 128 page cookbook and silicone spatula. The individuals who appreciate licking the bowl will loathe the spatula since it works viably in expelling blend to the very profundity of the stainless steel bowl.


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Modes and Performance


The Andrew James 5.2L Mixer has six speed settings and the alternative of heartbeat mode as well. The modes are selectable through a rotatable handle and the straightforwardness of this outline makes it an extremely available apparatus for all age gatherings. Operational commotion is genuinely uproarious and incrementally gets louder with each expansion in speed setting. We found the sheer energy of the blender great, and great suction holds on the base keep the blender secure when blending so it doesn’t bounce around. We altogether tried the 1500 watt engine by making treat batters, bread mixtures, brownies, sauces and other comparable blends. It ended up being extremely solid, adapting to sticky thick blends while likewise yielding a quick blending speed. However when attempting to blend littler amounts, the mixture snare and whisk didn’t draw sufficiently near to the base of the bowl, bringing about baffling unmixed fixings. When blending is done, the little metal lever situated alongside the speed dial will raise the top portion of the machine into the air permitting simple evacuation of the bowl. What’s more, it likewise makes preparing distinctive connections simple as well, with all connections immediately exchanged by means of a straightforward wind discharge component.


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Including Ingredients


Those utilizing electric blenders, for example, this one interestingly will probably find that the way they blend fixings changes, since formulas once in a while get a kick out of the chance to superfluously join particular fixings incrementally to make it less demanding for the individual blending by hand. When utilizing the blender we now much of the time end up tossing the fixings in at the same time and it normally works without any hiccups. Be that as it may, when making certain formulas like breads and cakes, you may need to include organic products, nuts, chocolate, and so forth., amid the blending procedure, which you can do effectively by means of a set pattern in the sprinkle monitor. The separable sprinkle watch ensures your kitchen doesn’t get muddled and with the paces this blender can achieve it’s extremely vital.


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Times Saving Benefits


A few dough punchers and cooks don’t care for the loss of the hands-on understanding, however the measure of time and vitality spared by utilizing a blender like this is an exceptionally influential motivation to get one for a great many people. For example, a bread mixture that may require 10-15 minutes of plying, may just take 3-5 minutes in the Andrew James 5.2L Food Mixer. We’ve found the nature of the blend the Andrew James performs is smoother than blending by hand, and the silicone blender figures out how to achieve the sides of the bowl, so we don’t need to rub it physically, a few connections may not achieve the sides of the bowl if the blend doesn’t maneuver the fixings in with the general mish-mash like mixture would. A chocolate chip treat formula as often as possible improved by us tasted than at any other time – it was recognizably smoother in surface when we utilized this blender.


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By and large


Any semblance of KitchenAid have nothing to fear from this plastic Andrew James blender with regards to fabricate and operational plan. However the Andrew James 5.2L Food Mixer unquestionably offers great incentive for cash similarly as spending kitchen apparatuses go. Its engine (while boisterous and somewhat squeaky) is effective and it exceeds expectations in creating a decent quality blend, it’s easy to work, completely furnished with extras that don’t feel modest and is sensibly sleek as well.