Saturday, my first full day in Yellowstone, begins at 4:30 AM. YES, 4:30!!! you have to get up early here in the wild. The best sightings occur at dawn and dusk. Because I am staying in Gardiner it is about a 45 minute drive to the Lamar Valley. You have to take it slow in the dark on the winding roads of the Park..and you never know what youll see along the way.

Hitting the road by 5:00, it is still pretty dark. Driving into the Park I am on the lookout for animals in the road. I see flashes of eyes and one darting figure, but am unable to tell what is watching as I pass.

Arriving in the Lamar Valley I head to the footbridge pull out. There was a light dusting of snow the night before and we take a walk around and come upon some tracks, both in the parking lot and on the footbridge itself.

This is my favorite one. It is a wolf track. If you look closely on the left side of the wolf print you can see that a coyote actually walked in the wolfs track. Notice how much smaller the coyote print is??

Grizzly track.

We hang around for a while. We know the Lamar Canyon wolves are in the area, but after a few hours we do not see them. Time to move on.

Driving in the area of the confluence of the Soda Butte and Lamar rivers, we come upon a herd of bison preparing to cross the river.